Nuša Pevc – Nush Yoga

Founder of Nush Yoga Shala, yoga teacher RYT400, host of OM-line Festival

Nuša or Nush is a yoga teacher who is in love with the ocean and traveling. Her classes are like the ocean: dynamic, powerful and deep. Her teaching goes beyond the physical poses, because yoga allows us to get to know and understand ourselves better, to develop our full potential and become the best possible version of ourselves.

Nuša will teach 3 classes: StressLess Yoga, How to spice up your yoga practice, and The hidden power of Yoga Nidra.

StressLess Yoga

We will work with various exercises, positions, breathing techniques that help us overcome stress. We will be releasing tension from the shoulders, neck, upper back, and hamstrings, as these are the areas where the effects of stress are most reflected. Above all, we will bring our focus into the present moment, which is the most powerful weapon in the fight against the negative effects of stress.

How to spice up your yoga practice

This workshop is for everyone who feels stuck in their yoga practice, who wants to spice it up a bit, to change or deepen their practice. We’ll look at some aspects from a different perspective, do some poses in a different way, and hopefully learn something new from each other 🙂

The hidden power of Yoga Nidra

You probably know about the guided relaxation Yoga Nidra – let’s explore this practice even deeper, and tune into the deeper benefits it brings.

More about Nuša:

Facebook: Nush Yoga

Instagram: nush_yoga