Karim Al Saleh

Karim considers himself first a man, then a mover, because he says that life is movement first, and then everything else. He is a teacher of AEQ method 2, AEQ breathing 1, Advanced movement, TUI-Na masseur and practitioner of Manual-movement therapy.

He represents a different way of movement that helps to improve health, well-being, personal growth and physical fitness. He helps eliminate the causes of chronic pain, autoimmune diseases and movement limitations. He teaches myofascial movement patterns and effective breathing that help improve the vertical integration of body and consciousness. He teaches about movement and sports, prepares professional and recreational athletes. He helps to achieve goals and better results in a safer and more efficient way. He meets people who want to move better and more efficiently through online programs, live workshops and individual meetings.

His philosophy: MOVEMENT does not need to be strenuous to be effective. It has to be thoughtful, coordinated, and playful. Above all, it needs to be reconciled with consciousness and breath.

Karim will lead a workshop Emotion in motion

Sunday 10.00 CET

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the AEQ of breathing and to learn about and understand the impact of stressful events, injuries and emotional trauma on breathing and movement.

Karim will help you understand how chronic muscle contraction affects the development of chronic hyperventilation (and other dysfunctional breathing patterns) and how it adversely affects physical performance, well-being, immune system, nervous system, and impaired movement efficiency.

Inefficient breathing, which is present in most children and adults today, affects character and thinking, as breathing is a basic process of providing life energy.

Karim will teach you effective, deep and easy breathing with the diaphragm in the lower most blood and oxygen rich area of ​​the lungs. We will explore breathing, which takes place in three phases of inhale-exhale-pause. You will notice how learning to breathe has a positive effect on changing movement patterns, posture, and stress responses.

Karim will be teaching an AEQ breathing exercise that relaxes chronic muscle cramps and expands the chest and abdominal cavity. This allows a greater difference between the expansion and contraction of the torso, leading to more efficient and full breathing. He will introduce you to the Bohr effect and the importance of CO2 tolerance in the blood, which you will increase by learning the protocol of light breathing.

The explanation will allow you to understand the role of breathing differently during and after the workshop and reduce the number of breaths per minute accordingly, slow down the flow of air in the lungs and reduce the speed of blood flow.

This will allow you to achieve greater efficiency of the inhaled air in your lungs, make it easier to breathe through your nose, and improve the transfer of oxygen from the blood to the tissues. Which improves the processes of changing the chemical energy of food into more vital and powerful life energy, which we direct to a dynamic and fuller life, which is Movement.