Jelena Lieberberg – Kick Ass Yoga

Yoga coach Jelena Lieberberg aka KickAssYoga started practicing yoga at age 12 with a Croatian book from her mom. After working as a presentress for german tv and touring as a singer she took her first yoga teacher training in 2009. She lives in Berlin and she is a Yoga instructor, Writer, Naturopath, Speaker and mother of 2 wonderful girls. She loves teaching workshops all around Europe with her own KICK ASS YOGA style and her first book introducing this style got published in 2017. Among her students are Yogis & Non-Yogis, Athletes and movers, who benefit most incorporating yogic ‘mobility’ with graceful movements gaining more awareness of their alignment and posture. Her second book KICK ASS ASANAS is available in german & english as an ebook, as well as her newest ebook HANDSTAND for Beginners. Check her website for more infos or Instagram @kickassyoga

Jelena’s workshop: TURN THAT FROWN UPSIDE DOWN 🙂

Saturday 10.00 – 11.30

1,5 hours Inversions shine with a vast array of benefits, like improving circulation, building strength or relaxing the nervous system. They can promote emotional growth, boost our confidence and calm the mind & spirit which is so crucial in times of doubt and uncertainty as we have been experiencing these past years. Let’s hop on our mats and focus on building a strong foundation for a safe headstand practice that can help us channel positivity and ground us in the beautiful now. We will practice with the help of a wall, which makes this class suitable for beginners. All you need is a yoga mat and wall space.