Elara Udvanc

Elara is a yoga teacher and an eternal student of life, whose secrets inspire her every day. She is in love with art, the moon, the ocean, nature, traditional cultures and the knowledge she loves to connect with each other.

Yoga has taught her that we are not here to be perfect, we are here to live all our imperfections and through it we feel the world in the deepest and most magical ways. To give thanks for every moment, even if it loos bad at first glance. Not to judge ourselves because we feel vulnerable and powerless, to learn to fully accept our own experience. That doesn’t mean to stagnate and never move, but only to the extent that we do not sabotage our feelings and thus ourselves.

Elara will lead us through a meditation: Meditation for the revelation of the spiritual heart

Saturday, 12.00 CET

Hridaya meditation is a type of meditation that combines knowledge of different traditions such as Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Tantra, Buddhism and many others. The word Hridaya means the spiritual heart, which extends beyond the physical heart or heart chakra, meaning our very essence, the self. Practicing this type of meditation allows us to calm the mind, open our heart, and come to deep insights into our own existence.

Elara is a teacher at Nush Yoga Shala. Find out more on www.nushyoga.com.