Dr. Tina Košir

Tina is first and foremost a curious student in the school of life. She has always been drawn to the wisdom of Asian traditions and started practicing yoga and meditation in her teens. Since she loves exploring and sharing she has put some serious effort in gaining knowledge through formal and informal education. She is an experienced certified yoga teacher (ERYT600) and has a PhD in Indian Philosophy.

Tina’s workshop: Playfully Embodying the Wisdom of Yoga

Saturday 15.00 CET

Inspiration, playfulness, enhanced creativity – what’s the wisdom of yoga got to do with it? While some ideals of classical yoga philosophy may seem lofty and unpractical, the tantric wisdom traditions have emphasised the view of spiritual liberation as an embodied dance in the magnificent play of creation. In a 90-minute workshop, Tina will guide you through a blend of uniquely designed visualisation and journaling practices spiced up with delicious drops of the most inspiring extracts from various sources of ancient Indian teachings. You will be invited to befriend your dreams, meet and consult your inner wisdom, cultivate the attitude of wonder and boost your creative imagination. To participate in the adventure, you will need a (human or non-human) body, internet (or telepathic) connection, something to write and something to write on (preferably pen and paper since carving your ideas in stone might be too time-consuming for the occasion).

Find out more about Tina: https://tinakosir.si/