Andreja Fink – Gratitude Mania

The benefits of feeling grateful are enormous. Over the past decades, scientists have proven the positive effects of gratitude. As gratitude is becoming a popular self-help practice, more and more people are interested in it. Unfortunately, most of those who try it, somehow struggle with their practice, don’t see any or very little effects. Join me in this short webinar, where you will find out how to deepen your gratitude practice, so you can reap all the benefits of gratitude that scientists talk about.

Andreja Fink, Founder of Gratitude Mania

She is not a person who was raised in a gratitude mindset. As part of her personal growth, she has learned that gratitude plays an important part in our well-being. After many failures to incorporate a gratitude practice into her every day, she has decided to research this topic in and out. She has read numerous scientific articles and books to find out the secrets for a successful gratitude practice, which have later been implemented in her daily gratitude practice. Gratitude Mania is designed with the purpose to support beautiful souls on their way to cultivating gratitude daily. The products are carefully designed with love, under scientific and numerological insights, as her deepest desire is to help people to reach a new gratitude mindset as quickly as possible.

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